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Location Valley of the Kings
Coordinates 25°44′24.6″N 32°36′04.7″E
Discovery Open since antiquity
Excavation Harold Jones (1908-1909)
Howard Carter (1920-1921)
Status Closed to the public
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
19th Dynasty
20th Dynasty
Occupants Identities unknown
Type Rock-cut tomb
Layout Straight axis
Features Steps & corridors
One squared pillar
Decoration Undecorated
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KV12 is a rock-cut tomb located in the Valley of the Kings. It is an unusual tomb, used originally in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and then again in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties. The unusual design of the tomb with its multiple side chambers (probalby for multiple royal family members) is similar to KV5 (but on a smaller scale), and also to KV27 and KV30.

The builders of KV9 broke into KV12 whilst constructing that tomb.


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