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Location Valley of the Kings
Coordinates 25°44′19.9″N 32°35′59.1″E
Discovery Open since antiquity
Excavation Hartwig Altenmüller (1983-1987)
Status Open to the public
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
20th Dynasty
Occupants Tausret
Setnakhte (usurped)
Type Rock-cut tomb
Layout Straight axis
Features Steps & corridors
Squared pillars
Decoration Book of the Dead
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KV14 is a rock-cut tomb in the Valley of the Kings. It is a joint tomb, used originally by Tausret and then reused and extended by Setnakhte. It has been open since antiquity, but was not properly recorded until Hartwig Altenmüller excavated it from 1983 to 1987.

Located in the main body of the Valley of the Kings, it has two burial chambers, the later extensions making the tomb one of the largest of the Royal Tombs, at over 112 metres.

The original decoration showing the female Tausret was replaced with those of the male Setnakhte. Even later, the name of Setnakhte was replaced by that of Seti II.


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