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Tomb of Ramesses IV

Wall relief from KV2.

Location Valley of the Kings
Coordinates 25°44′29.2″N 32°36′07.7″E
Discovery Open since antiquity
Excavation Edward Ayrton (1905-1906)
Howard Carter (1920)
Status Open to the public
Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Occupants Ramesses IV
Type Rock-cut tomb
Layout Straight axis
Features Steps & corridors
Squared pillars
Decoration Litany of Ra
Book of Caverns
Book of the Amduat
Book of the Dead
Book of the Heavens
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KV2 is a rock-cut tomb in the Valley of the Kings. It is the tomb of Ramesses IV and it is located low down in the main valley, between KV7 and KV1. It has been open since antiquity and contains a large amount of hieratic graffiti.

The tomb is mostly intact and is decorated with scenes from the Litany of Ra, Book of Caverns, Book of the Dead, Book of Amduat and the Book of the Heavens.

The sarcophagus is broken (probably in antiquity), and the mummy was relocated to the mummy cache in KV35.


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