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KV3 entrance valley of the kings

Entrance to KV3.

Location Valley of the Kings
Coordinates 25°44′27.5″N 32°36′09.5″E
Discovery Open since antiquity
Excavation Edward Ayrton (1904-1906)
Harry Burton (1912)
Status Closed to the public
Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Occupants Unknown son of Ramesses III
Type Rock-cut tomb
Layout Straight axis
Features Steps & corridors
Squared pillars
Decoration Rameses III followed by a prince, before various deities.
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KV3 is a rock-cut tomb located in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. It was intended for the burial of an unidentified son of Pharaoh Ramesses III of the Twentieth Dynasty (it is similar in design to the tombs of his sons that were built in the nearby Valley of the Queens). However, there is no evidence that the tomb actually contained a royal burial. Bricks and remains of columns indicate that the tomb was used as a Christian chapel during the Byzantine Period.

The tomb is located on the main path, close to the entrance to the Valley.


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