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Sinai way of horus map

Map of the New Kingdom Way of Horus sites. The Lake Sirbonis (Lake Bardawil) can be seen on the top of the map.

A lagoon is an area of shallow water situated in a saline environment that has access to the sea but separated from the ocean by a natural barrier, such as reefs, barrier islands, barrier peninsulas, or isthmuses. Most of Egypt's lagoons occur in the Red Sea, with the ancient ports of Myos Hormos and Berenike being built in the proximity of lagoons.[1]

However, the Mediterranean coast of Egypt does have one notable lagoon, Sirbonis. This lagoon is perhaps Egypt's most famous one.

Nubia (Sudan) has a large number of lagoons, with over eleven lagoons and bays that are "sufficiently deep and shielded" to function as a harbor.[1]

List of lagoons of significance to ancient Egypt[]

Mediterranean Sea[]

Egyptian Red Sea[]

  • Myos Hormos[1]
  • Berenike[1]
    • the Southern Lagoon[1]
    • an additional lagoon is present here. It is sometimes referred to as the "northern" lagoon.[1]
  • Halaib[1]

Indian Ocean lagoons of trading partners[]

  • Halaib

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