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The Amarna tombs consist of all tombs found in the city of Amarna's main necropoleis; the northern and southern tombs of the nobles and those in the Amarna Royal Wadi. All of which were used exclusively during the Aamrna Period of the Eighteenth Dynasty.

There are at least 29 cataloged tombs, designated AT for Amarna Tomb.

List of Amarna tombs[]

Northern tombs[]

These tombs are located in two groups in the cliffs overlooking the city of Akhetaten, to the north and east of the city. They are split into two groups by a wadi, and are near one of the Boundary Stelae (Stela V).

Designation Owner Title Comment
AT1 Huya Steward of Queen Tiye
AT2 Meryre II Steward of Queen Nefertiti
AT3 Ahmose Steward of Pharaoh Akhenaten, Royal Sealbearer
AT4 Meryre I High Priest of the Aten
AT5 Pentju Priest of the Aten, Chief Physician
AT6 Panehesy Priest of the Aten, Overseer of the Cattle, Overseer of the Granary

Southern tombs[]

The southern tombs are located in a series of low bluffs south and east of the main city. Associated with these tombs a recently discovered workers cemetery has been found.

Designation Owner Title Comment
AT7 Parennefer Overseer of the Works, Royal Cupbearer
AT7a,b,c Unknown Small unfinished tombs located near AT7.
AT8 Tutu King's Chamberlain
AT9 Mahu Chief of the Police at Amarna
AT9a,b,c Unknown Small unfinished tombs located near AT9.
AT10 Ipy Royal Scribe, Overseer of the King's Inner Palace
AT11 Ramose Scribe of the Recruits, King's General
AT12 Nakhtpaaten Count, Royal Sealbearer, Mayor of Amarna, Vizier
AT13 Neferkheperuhersekheper Mayor of Amarna
AT14 May Chancellor, Overseer of the Works
AT15 Suti Royal Standardbearer
AT16 Unknown
AT17 Unknown
AT18 Unknown Only the facade of the tomb was completed.
AT19 Setau Overseer of the Treasury
AT20 Unknown The lintel shows the royal family adoring the Aten.
AT21 Unknown
AT22 Unknown The lintel shows the royal family adoring the Aten.
AT23 Any Royal Scribe, Steward of the House of Amenhotep II
AT24 Paatenemheb Chief Commander of the Army, Royal Scribe, Chief Gatekeeper Some scholars argue that he was identical to Horemheb, who later became pharaoh.
AT25 Ay God's Father, Sole Companion, Overseer of the Horses, Fanbearer on the King's Right Hand, Royal Scribe Later became pharaoh.
AT25a Ia Located near AT25.

Amarna Royal Wadi[]

Main article: Amarna Royal Wadi
The royal necropolis of Amarna is located in the wadi called Wadi Abu Hassah el-Bahari. The cemetery is a local parallel to the Valley of the Kings.

Designation Owner Title Comment
AT26 Akhenaten, Tiye (?), Meketaten Pharaoh, King's Great Wife and King's Daughter respectively Contained an unused burial chamber for Nefertiti.
AT27 Unknown Pharaoh (?) Unfinished and no burial material has ever been found. It may have been intended for the burial of Akhenaten's successor.
AT28 Kiya (?) King's Wife (?) Finished royal tomb which may have been used by a lesser wife of Akhenaten, perhaps Kiya.
AT29 Unknown King's Daughter (?) This tomb was plastered, but never decorated and may have been intended for a daughter of Akhenaten.

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