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Narmer Palette

Narmer Palette

Narmer Macehead1

Narmer Macehead

Main Deposit is the name given to the series of votive finds associated with the Narmer Palette, Narmer Macehead and Scorpion Macehead found by James Edward Quibell's team in 1889, Quibell catalogued every item discovered.[1].

Associated Finds[]

  • The Narmer Palette which most believe to show the unification of Egypt.[1]
  • The Narmer Macehead which may show the Pharaoh's Heb-sed Festival.[2]
  • Year Label of Narmer as a catfish smiting bearded captive which has Papyrus over his head and may symbolise a person or leader of Lower Egypt and like the Palette may show the unification of Egypt. [1][3]
  • A Third Macehead was found which was very fragmented though from the remains a single dais and read crown can be seen which could possibly be like the Narmer Palette in depicting 'The appearance of the king of Lower Egypt' as some theories believe.[4]


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