Marcus Antonius aka Mark Antony became the lover of Cleopatra VII and father of her children Alexander Helios,Cleopatra Selene,Ptolemy Philadelphus.They got married after having an affair while meeting each other after Julius Caesar's death.He married Cleopatra VII in 32 BCE after his divorce from Octavia the sister of Octavian who would become Augustus Caesare after making Egypt a territory.Cleopatra had Mark Antony become her lover after Julius Caesar so she could have the backing of Rome still.His mother julia is a third cousin of Julius Caesar.Mark Antony committed sucide after getting a note that Cleopatra had killed herself.Cleopatra convinced him to give territories to their children to be kings of.She also had Mark Antony declare her son Caesarion declared pharaoh of egypt by him.

They first met at Tarsus and Cleopatra to discuss an alliance.Cleopatra would back Mark Antony's wars.She had been trying to protect Egypt by having Mark Antony's backing.In 30 BCE Mark Antony is by then married to Cleopatra.

Marcus Antonius marble bust in the Vatican Museums
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