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Poissons bronze egypte

Bronze figurine of the Medjed, wearing a horned sun-disc.


Medjed (transliteration: mḏd) is the ancient Egyptian name for a species of elephantfish worshiped in the Upper Egyptian city of Per-Medjed. The species is now better known by its Greek name Oxyrhynchus, which is also the Greek name for its cult city.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the god-king Osiris was assassinated by his jealous brother Set, who then seized the Egyptian throne. As part of his murderous plan, Set had dismembered and scattered Osiris' body. The widowed goddess Isis finds and joins the fragmented parts of Osiris' body. However, the penis was never recovered, as it was believed to have been tossed in the Nile river and subsequently eaten by the Medjed fish.

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