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"Eternal Manifestation of Re"
Dynasty 21st Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) AmenemopetPsusennes II
Titles Third Prophet of Amun
Overseer of the Cattle of Re
God's Father
Sem Priest
Father Tjanefer
Mother Gautseshen
Burial Bab el-Gasus
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Menkheperre (transliteration: mn-ẖpr-rꜥ, meaning: "Eternal Manifestation of Re") was an ancient Egyptian priest of the Twenty-first Dynasty during the Third Intermediate Period.


His funerary equipment attests the following titles of Menkheperre; Third Prophet of Amun, Overseer of the Cattle of Re in the Domain of Amun, God's Father, Sem Priest in the Horizon of Eternity.


Menkheperre is a son of Tjanefer and Gautseshen. He was a grandson of the High Priest of Amun Menkheperre. His brothers, Pinedjem and Nesamun, both became Fourth Prophet of Amun. He also had a sister named Gautseshen.[1]

Menkheperre probably succeeded his father, Tjanefer, in the position of Third Prophet of Amun when the latter became the Second Prophet at the end of his life. When Menkheperre's uncle, Pinedjem II, became High Priest, he was passed over for the position of Second Prophet by his cousin Psusennes II, who eventually succeeded Pinedjem as High Priest and subsequently became Pharaoh.


Menkheperre was buried in the Bab el-Gasus cache at Deir el-Bahari, which is part of the greater Theban Necropolis. His coffins, Book of the Dead and mummy are now in Cairo.


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