Mentuhotep IV
Mentuhotep IV
Reign 7 years
Dynasty 11th Dynasty
Praenomen Nebtawyre
Golden Horus
Burial Place

Nebtawyre Mentuhotep IV was the last king of the 11th Dynasty. He seems to fit into a 7 year period in the Turin Canon for which there is no recorded king, and is known from a few inscriptions in Wadi Hammamat that record expeditions to the Red Sea coast and to quarry stone for the royal monuments.

Despite being obscure (he is absent from the official king lists in Abydos), the inscriptions show the organization and makeup of a large expedition. The leader of the expedition was his vizier Amenemhat, who is widely assumed to have either usurped the throne or to have assumed power after Mentuhotep IVB died childless. There is currently no convincing evidence to prove that he was overthrown by his Vizier who succeeded him as the first king of the 12th Dynasty, Amenemhat I.

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Preceded by:
Mentuhotep III
Pharaoh of Egypt
11th Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Amenemhat I
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