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Preceded by:
Pharaoh of Egypt
14th Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Sewadjkare III
1699-1695 BC (3-4 years)[1]
Beloved Bounty of Re
Burial Unknown

Merdjefare (transliteration: mr-ḏfꜢ-rꜤ, meaning: "Beloved Bounty of Re") was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the Fourteenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period. He was of Canaanite origin and ruled from Avaris over the eastern Nile Delta in Lower Egypt. Merdjefare is merely known by his preserved throne name in the Turin King List (Col 8. Line 5 as per Gardiner).[2] This makes him either the sixth[3] or tenth[1][4] ruler of the dynasty. His reign length is recorded as 3-4 years.[1]

Ryholt points out that Merdjefare's reign length of three to four years is the longest reign of the 14th Dynasty and only equaled by his predecessor Sehebre. While kings with shorter reigns, such as Nehesy who reigned around 1 year, are well attested by contemporary artefacts. Thus, Ryholt suggests that Merdjefare is likely identical to either Wazad or Sheneh, both of which are well-attested rulers of the 14th Dynasty, but thus far unidentified with any of the kings listed in the Turin Canon.[1]


Merdjefare is one of only four 14th Dynasty pharaohs listed in the Turin Canon to have left any attestation (the others being Nehesy, Nebsenre and Sekheperenre). Indeed, Merdjefare is mentioned on the stela of a Royal Sealbearer and treasurer named Raniseneb. The stela shows Merdjefare (unfortunately without revealing his nomen) making offerings to Horus-Sopdu and probably originates from Raniseneb's tomb at Saft el-Hinna in the southeastern Nile Delta. The stela, discovered in 1988-1989, is now in the private Krief collection.[1][5]

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Pharaoh of Egypt
14th Dynasty
Sewadjkare III