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"Beloved of Ptah"
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) MerenptahSeti II
Titles King's Son
Father Merenptah
Mother Isetnofret II
Burial Unknown
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Merenptah (transliteration: ptḥ-mr-n, meaning: "Beloved of Ptah") was a Prince of the Nineteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom. He was probably the son of Pharaoh Merenptah and Queen Isetnofret II.[1]


Prince Merenptah was probably the son of Pharaoh Merenptah and Queen Isetnofret II[1] and hence a grandson of Ramesses II and Isetnofret I. Prince Khaemwaset might have been his maternal-grandfather, depending on his mother's identity. Prince Merenptah had one older brother who succeeded their father as Seti II, as well as a younger brother named Khaemwaset and a sister named Isetnofret. The later pharaohs; Amenmesses, Siptah and Tausret have also been proposed as possible (half-)siblings.


Merenptah is known from two statues of Senusret I − usurped by Pharaoh Merenptah − found at Tanis and Alexandria, and from three statue fragments from Bubastis.


It is possibly that he is the same person as either Pharaoh Merenptah or Seti II (his princely name was Seti-Merenptah).[2] This is supported by the fact that he wears a uraeus usually worn by pharaohs. However, the Senusret statues were usurped by Merenptah when he was already a Pharaoh, not a prince. Prince Merenptah's name and titles also slightly differ from those of both Pharaoh Merenptah and Crown Prince Seti-Merenptah, who used both his names as prince and pharaoh (like his ancestor, Seti I). This suggests that prince Merenptah was a seperate individual. It is possible that Merenptah's use of a uraeus stems from the power struggle between Pharaoh Merenptah's heirs following his death.[3]


The whereabouts of Merenptah's tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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