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ỉtn-mry.t tꜣšrt
"Meritaten, the Younger"
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Akhenaten
Titles King's Daughter
Father Akhenaten
Mother Meritaten (?)
Burial Unknown

Meritaten-Tasherit (ancient Egyptian: ỉtn-mry.t tꜣšrt, "Meritaten, the Younger") was a Princess of the 18th Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Meritaten-Tasherit and another princess, Ankhesenpaaten-Tasherit are two small princesses who appear in scenes dating to the later part of the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. The titles of at least one of the princess is of the form "[...-ta]sherit, born of [...], born of the King's Great Wife [...]. The inscription is damaged and the name of the mother and grandmother of the princesses has not been preserved.[1][2]


Several different sets of parents have been proposed for Meritaten-Tasherit (as well as Ankhesenpaaten-Tasherit).

She is most commonly held to have been the daughter of Meritaten (the eldest daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten) and Akhenaten himself,[1][3] or possibly Meritaten and her only known husband Smenkhkare.[1] The title of the princess is thought to have been "Meritaten-Tasherit, born of Meritaten, born of the King's Great Wife Nefertiti".[2] If we assume that Meritaten-Tasherit was the daughter of Meritaten and Akhenaten, she must have been born towards the latter part of Akhenaten's reign. Since Meritaten was born around the first year of her father's reign, the earliest year she could have had a child was around Year 12 of his reign.[2]

Since both Meritaten-Tasherit and another princess, Ankhesenpaaten-Tasherit appear only in texts that once mentioned Akhenaten's second wife Kiya, it is also possible that they were children of Akhenaten and Kiya, or that they were fictional, replacing the name of Kiya's daughter, who might have been Baketaten, more commonly thought to be Tiye's child.[4]


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