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Merneptah was Pharaoh from either late July or either early August 1213 BCE through 2 May 1203 BCE.Merneptah is the fourth Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty.His reign was for Ten years.Merneptah was the thirteenth son of Ramesses II from his great royal wife Isetnofret.He became the crown prince after all his brothers died.In year 55 he was proclaimed heir and crown prince as his father Ramesses II turned 80.By year 40 of his father Ramesses II reign Merneptah was promoted to Overseer of the Army.Merneptah had several military campaigns during his reign as pharaoh.In year 5 of Merneptah reign as Pharaoh,he fought againist Libyans who had help from the sea people.They were threatening Egypt from the west.

On the Athribis stele at the garden of Cario museum.It tells you about how angry Merneptah was at a report.A report of Merneptah six hour battle with the Libyans and the sea people has from his account of his victory is on the Great Karnak Inscription.The Merneptah Stele also mentions israel as a people.Merneptah by the time he succeded Ramesses II was in his 60s or 70s.He was eventually succed by his son Seti II. he was origionally buried in the Valley of the Kings.

Ramesses II(Father)


Great Karnak inscription (first part) - plate 52 from Mariette Bey

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