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Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Museo Arqueológico Nacional (MAN, English: National Archaeological Museum) contains a collection of Egyptian antiquities and is located at Madrid in Spain.

The collections of Egypt and Nubia are made up mainly of funerary funds (amulets, ushabti, stelae, sarcophagi, mummies, sculpture of divinities, etc.) ranging from prehistory to Roman and medieval times.[1] Many of the pieces come from purchases such as the one made from the collection of the Spanish Egyptologist Eduardo Toda y Güell[2] and also from various excavations such as the systematic excavations in Heracleopolis Magna or the ones carried in Egypt and Sudan as a result of the agreements with the Egyptian government for the construction of the Aswan Dam.[3] These agreements also included the donated temple of Debod, rebuilt in Parque de la Montaña in the center of Madrid.[4]

Notable artefacts[]

  • Statue of Nectanebo I.
  • Coffins of Bak, Ankhefenkhonsu, Ihy, Amenemhat, and Taremetjenbastet.
  • Stela of Taeskheret.


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