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"Mut of Gold"
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ay
Titles Sister of Queen Tey
Spouse(s) Nakhtmin
Issue Ay
Burial Unknown

Mutemnub (ancient Egyptian: mwt-m-nbw, "Mut of Gold") was a noblewoman of the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.

Origins and Family[]

Mutemnub is believed to have been from Panopolis (modern Akhmim). Her parentage remains unknown. Mutemnub's husband was Nakhtmin, who was High Priest of Min at the temple of Min at Panopolis and Overseer of the Works at Panopolis and the Karnak temple complex at Thebes during the reign of Pharaoh Ay.[1]

On a statue currently in the Brooklyn Museum, a dignitary named Ay is called High Priest of Mut, Second Prophet of Amun, and Steward of Queen Tey. His parents are recorded as Nakhtmin and Mutemnub, sister of Queen Tey.[2] Mutemnub was therefore the sister-in-law of Pharaoh Ay.


The whereabouts of Mutemnub's tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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