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Narmer Macehead1

Narmer Macehead

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The Narmer Macehead forms part of the Main Deposit found in 1899 at Hierakonpolis,[1] and is now housed in the Ashmolean Museum,Oxford.[2]

The scene portrayed is believed to have a location somewhere within Lower Egypt due to the shrine with a pitched roof with heron on top as this is the shrine of Djebaut, a district of Buto in north-western Delta. However this theory is complicated by the wavy walled enclosure shown which looks like a structure recently found at Hierakonpolis.[1][3] Behind the seated figure of Narmer it is possible that a Vizier (ṯt) may be shown though the hieroglyphs do not have the full term (ṯ3iti)[1], his sandal-bearer is also portrayed below him[4] and above the king is represented Nekhbet hovering protectively above him [2]. There are also standard bearers portraying too falcons, Wepwawet with the šdšd device, and another with the royal placenta.[1] Three bound captives seem to be given to king, labels around them saying 120,000 captives in total[5] with 400,000 cattle and 1,422,000 sheep and goats though this figure can in no way be credible. [1] Some attest the the three prisoner may in fact just be men who are holding their hands close together and are not bound like prisoners.[6]

Some believe this to show the marriage of Narmer to the Queen Neithhotep A, uniting the South of Egypt to the North[3], however there is no comparative evidence for this.[1] Other theories attest that this is a depiction of his Sed festival and that the cow and calf portrayed may be Hathor,[2] another also states this may be an event mentioned in the Palermo Stone called the Appearance of the King of Lower Egypt (Ḫˤt-bity) as a heb-sed festival would normally be portrayed on a platform with double stairs and throne.[6]

Narmer Macehead

Narmer Macehead Drawing


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