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Neferkare II
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Neferkare II (transliteration: nfr-kꜢ-rꜤ, meaning: "Perfect one of the Soul of Re") was the second pharaoh of the Eighth Dynasty during the First Intermediate Period.

Neferkare II is only attested through his throne name (or prenomen), given on the 42nd entry of the Abydos King List, while the Turin papyrus unfortunately has a notation of a lacuna where the birth name (or nomen) would have been found. The Abydos king list was redacted some 900 years after the First Intermediate Period during the reign of Seti I. Another king list of the Ramesside era, the Turin canon, has a significant lacuna affecting many kings of the Eighth Dynasty and the duration of his reign, which would have been reported on the document, is lost.

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