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"Perfect are the Beauties of the Sun"

Princesses Neferneferure (left) and Neferneferuaten-Tasherit (right) on a wall painting.

Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Akhenaten
Titles King's Daughter
Father Akhenaten
Mother Nefertiti
Burial AT26 (?)

Neferneferure (ancient Egyptian: rꜥ-nfr-nfr.w, "Perfect are the Beauties of the Sun") was a Princess of the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Neferneferure is the fifth daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and his Queen Nefertiti. Her older sisters include; Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, and Neferneferuaten-Tasherit. She also had one younger sister called Setepenre.[1]


She was born in or just before Year 8.[2] She appears in a fresco with her parents and sisters. Nefereferure also appears in the Year 12 durbar scene depicted in the AT2 tomb of Meryre II, overseer of the royal headquarters. Neferneferure is thought to have died in Year 13 or 14, since her name is plastered in the royal tomb at Amarna. She also is absent in the mourning scene in the gamma chamber of AT26, which shows her parents and older sisters Meritaten, Ankhesenpaaten, and Neferneferuaten Tasherit mourning over the death of Meketaten. A box bearing her name was found among the treasures in the KV62 tomb of Tutankhamun. The box shows Nefereferure crouching with one of her fingers pressed to her mouth.


Neferneferure was likely buried in the AT26 royal tomb of her father. Her mummy remains undiscovered.


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