Ancient Egypt Wiki
Nome of Egypt
"Upper Sycamore"
Region Upper Egypt
Capital Heracleopolis Magna
Other sites Pois, Tilothis, Pounamis, Toi,
Busiris, Thmoinepsi, Korphotoi,
Psychis, Tanchais, Tinteris,
Machor, Kaine
Main deities Harsaphes

Nehet-Khent (ancient Egypt nḥ.t-ḫnt, "Upper Sycamore") was the twentieth nome of Upper Egypt. The nome's capital city was Heracleopolis Magna.


The following nomarchs of Nehet-Khent are known:

Twenty-second and Twenty-third Dynasties[]

  • Prince Nimlot B, under his father Shoshenq I. ca. 930 BC.
  • Prince Nimlot C, under his father Osorkon II. ca. 840 BC.
  • Djedptahiuefankh C (also written Ptahudjaenkhef), succeeded his father Nimlot B.
  • Pmui, succeeded Djedptahiuefankh and preceded Hemptah.
  • Hemptah, son of Djedptahiuefankh.

Twenty-fifth Dynasty[]

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