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Dynasty 2nd Dynasty
Titles Great One of the Hetes-Sceptre
Attendant of Horus
King's Mother
Mother of the King's Children
Spouse(s) Khasekhemwy
Issue Djoser
Burial Tomb K1 at Beit Khallaf

Nimaathap is known to have been the wife of Khasekhemwy and the mother of Djoser recorded in her husband's tomb and due to this she would later be seen as the ancestress of the Third Dynasty with a posthumous cult existing for her into the Fourth Dynasty which is mentioned in the tomb of Metjen.

She held the titles; King's Mother, Mother of the King's Children, Attendant of Horus (ḫt-ḥrw), and Great One of the Hetes-Sceptre (ḥts-wrt).[1][2]

It is thought she was buried in tomb Tomb K1 at Beit Khallaf.[1]

The title 'Mother of the King's Children' is known from an Abydos seal of Khasekhemwy with the title 'Mother of the Dual King' found in Tomb K1 at Beit Khallaf[3].

In addition a sealing names her found in the funerary enclose of Khasekhemy and Tomb K1 at Beit Khallaf.[2]


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