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Sinai way of horus map

Map of the Way of Horus during the New Kingdom. Ostrakine is located at the place labeled Felusyat.

Ostrakine (modern: Gazirat el-Felusiyat) was an ancient Egyptian fortified harbor town situated on the Mediterranean coast of northern Sinai. The town is known from literary sources as one of the important stations along the coastal road running from Canaan to Egypt, historically known to the Egyptians as the Way of Horus. Ostrakine is located in the Bardewill Lagoon (then known as Sirbonis).

Ostrakine was established in the first century BCE as a harbor and as a site that protected the main coastal route from Egypt to the Levant. This coastal route ran across the narrow sand bank of Lake Sirbonis (today, el-Felusiyat is an island), giving the port of Ostrakine great strategic importance.

Ostrakine is first referred to by Pliny in the first century CE. It is mentioned at various later times by Roman geographers and historians: it is marked in the Tabula Peutingeriana and in the Madaba map.

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