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Pesla (Greek: Πέσλα) is an ancient Egyptian town on the east bank of the Nile, located somewhere within Middle Egypt near the city of Hermopolis Magna.[1] It was governed under Wenet, the fifteenth (Hermopolite or Antinoite) nome of Upper Egypt. Multiple papyri have been located that list Pesla, Pescla, Pesla Ano, Pesla Kato, and many other variations of this name with an uncertain connection to any known sites. Pesla Ano is recorded to have been located within the Antinoite nome from the Papyri P. Ant. 89 and P. SB 5280[1].

However, there has also been a Pesla recorded in many papyri that mention it being in the Hermopolite nome. In the Antonine Itinerary, likely written during the reign of Diocletian, distances are measured from Pesla to the cities of Antinoöpolis (written: "Antenou") and Hierakon.[2] These cities have been used to argue that Pesla can actually be found at the city of Deir el-Kossier, where E. Jomard discovered ancient ruins.

Others have said that Pesla is located at the site of Tell el-Hagg Qandil, within the boundaries of Amarna, due to the presence of a roman camp that has been unearthed there.[1]

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