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Qurnet Murai (Arabic: قرنة مرعي) is a necropolis on the West Bank at Thebes in Upper Egypt. It is considered part of the greater Theban Necropolis. The necropolis is located just to the south of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna and was mainly used during the New Kingdom period for the burials of Theban nobility.

List of tombs[]

Here follows a list of tombs discovered at Qurnet Murai.

Designated TT[]

Designation Owner Title Period
TT40 Amenhotep-Huy Viceroy of Kush[1] 18th Dynasty, Tutankhamun
TT221 Horimin Scribe of Troops in the King's Palace on the West of Thebes 20th Dynasty, Ramesses III
TT222 Heqaemmaatrenakhte-Turo High Priest of Montu 20th Dynasty
TT223 Karekhamun First Ka(?)-Priest 26th Dynasty
TT235 Userhat High Priest of Montu 20th Dynasty
TT270 Amenemwia Wab Priest, Lector Priest of Ptah-Sokar 19th Dynasty
TT271 Nay Royal Scribe 18th Dynasty, Ay
TT272 Khaemopet God's Father of Amun in the West, Lector Priest of the Sokar temple 20th Dynasty
TT273 Sayemiotef Scribe in the Estate of his Lord 20th Dynasty
TT274 Amenwahsu High Priest of Montu at Touphion and Thebes, Sem Priest in the Ramesseum in the Estate of Amun 19th Dynasty, Ramesses IIMerneptah
TT275 Sobekmose Head Wab Priest, God's Father in the temples of Amenhotep III and Sokar 20th Dynasty
TT276 Amenemopet Overseer of the Cabinet, Overseer of the Treasury of gold and silver, Judge 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT277 Amenemonet God's Father of the temple of Amenhotep III 19th Dynasty
TT278 Amenemheb Herdsman of Amun-Ra 20th Dynasty
TT380 Ankhefenrehorakhty Chief in Thebes[2] Ptolemaic Period
TT381 Amenemonet King's Messenger to Every Land[2] 20th Dynasty
TT382 Usermontu High Priest of Montu[2] 20th Dynasty
TT383 Merymose Viceroy of Kush[2] 18th Dynasty

Other designation[]

Designation Owner Title Period
D1 Nehy Viceroy of Kush, Overseer of the Southern Lands 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
D2 Patressuemhebsed New Kingdom (?)
D3 Amenemheb-Mahu Steward of [...] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
D? Hatiay Overseer of the Double Granary of the Temple of the Aten 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep IIIAkhenaten

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