Ancient Egypt Wiki
"Born of Re"
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses II
Titles King's Son
Sem Priest of Ptah
Father Khaemwaset
Burial Saqqara (?)

Ramesses (ancient Egyptian: rꜥ-ms-s, "Born of Re") was an ancient Egyptian Prince of the Nineteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Ramesses was the eldest son of prince Khaemwaset and hence a grandson of Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Isetnofret I. Ramesses had a younger brother named Hori and a sister called Isetnofret. His sister is possibly identical to Queen Isetnofret II, who married Pharaoh Merneptah. If so, Ramesses would have been both a nephew and a brother-in-law to Merneptah.[1] The identity of his mother remains unknown.


Ramesses was probably born and raised at Memphis during the reign of his grandfather, Ramesses II. Ramesses, and his younger brother Hori, served as Sem Priests in the priesthood of Ptah at Memphis, which was led by their father Khaemwaset as the High Priest of Ptah. His father eventually became Crown Prince from Year 50 to 55 of Ramesses II's reign.

Ramesses is mentioned on a block statue from Memphis. He is attested on this statue with the title "King's Son" (zꜣ-nỉswt), which here should be interpreted as King's grandson. On the Dorsal Pillar the text reads:

"[It is] his dear [son] who perpetuates his name - The King's Son, excellent in wisdom, upright in mind in every deed, great in his enlightenment at all times to maintain the offerings for his father, – the King's Son Ramesses, justified and venerated one."[2]

Since his younger brother Hori was promoted to the office of High Priest of Ptah ca. Year 65/66 of Ramesses II instead of him, it seems likely that Ramesses himself had already died by that time.


The whereabouts of Ramesses' tomb and mummy remain unknown. He was presumably buried at Saqqara, the Memphite necropolis.


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