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Born of Re
Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses VII
Titles Crown Prince
King's Son
Father Ramesses VII (?)
Burial Valley of the Queens (?)
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Ramesses (ancient Egyptian: rꜥ-ms-z, "Born of Re") was a Prince of the Twentieth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Ramesses is merely known from a single ostracon which is currently at the Louvre Museum in Paris (O. Louvre N. 497).[1] It reads; "given by favour of the King to his son, his beloved, Generalissimo, First King's Son of [His] Majesty, Ramesses, justified before the lords of truth in the Necropolis".[2] The other side depicts Pharaoh Ramesses VII. From the ostracon one may conclude that prince Ramesses was probably the eldest son of Ramesses VII and undoubtedly Crown Prince. The identity of his mother remains unknown.


Since Ramesses VII was instead succeeded by his uncle Ramesses VIII, prince Ramesses must have predeceased his father.[2] The whereabouts of Ramesses' tomb and mummy remain unknown. However, the ostracon alone suggests that a tomb was prepared for him in the Valley of the Queens.[2]


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