Statue of Ramesses II "The great".

Statue of Ramesses, named Menmon.

Ramesses II "The great" was the third pharaoh of the XIX dynasty. He was the son of Seti I and the queen Tuya. He is known because of the Battle of Kadesh. He wrote; or most likely, ordered to write the "Poem of Pentaur", in which he narrators how he fought all alone in the battle. Some of the things he wrote:

"Straightening up to his full height, the king wore the fierce battle armor and with his chariot drawn by two horses was launched in the thick of the fight. He was alone, very alone, with no one next to him! ... His soldiers and his entourage watched him from afar, while heroically attacked and defended. surrounded him 2,500 chariots, each with three warriors, joining to bar his way! Only and fearless, with him not nor princes, soldiers or general "

"I call upon you, oh, my father, Amun! Present I am in midst of many peoples and unknown to me; All nations have gathered against me and I'm alone."

"They were still corpses covered terrain, all red with blood. No place for the feet, so many are the dead!"

"Oh Ramesses, steadfast heart, you have done more than the whole army! Victorious In your sword has plunged the country of Khetis! Nobody you think when you fight for your people in the day of battle!

And so, Ramesses II ends his story:

"Is that man covered himself with glory in his homeland when he has shown courage by his master and is renowned as a warrior, you really, truly, man is acclaimed for its value."

It is known that he had many wives. The most known are Isis-Nofret and Nefertari-Merytmut, his favorite wife. Nefertari was called "why the sun shines". When she died, he had ordered to building a temple on her honor, But she died before it was finished. He loved her so much, that he ordered to building a tomb that it is said to be the most beautiful of Queen's Valley, or even, the most beautiful tomb of all in the history of Ancient Egypt, the QV66 (QV is an abbreviation to Queen's Valley). Egyptologist know that he had at least 152 children, and the only one who ruled after him was Merneptah (beloved of Ptah ). Most of the children of Ramesses were buried in the KV5, the biggest tomb in the King's Valley. Ramesses was buried in the KV7, and his mummy was found in great conditions.

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