Ramesses IV
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Hiero Ca1
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Hiero Ca1
Hiero Ca2

Heqamaatre Ramesses IV (also written Ramses or Rameses) was the third pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. He was the fifth son of Ramesses III but assumed the throne since all four of his older brothers predeceased him. Due to the three decade rule of his father, he is believed to have been in his 40s when he took the throne. His reign has been dated to either 1152 to 1146 BC or 1154 to 1148 BC. His prenomen or throne name, Heqamaatre, means "Ruler of Justice like Re."[1]


He initiated a substantial building campaign program on the scale of Ramesses II by doubling the size of the work gangs at Deir el-Medina to a total of 120 men and dispatching several major expeditions to the stone quarries of Wadi Hammamat and the Sinai. Several inscribed stela at Wadi Hammamat records that the largest expedition consisted of 8,368 men alone including 2,000 soldiers.[2] Part of his program included the extensive enlargement of his father's Temple of Khonsu at Karnak and the construction of a large mortuary temple near the Temple of Hatshepsut. Despite Ramesses IV's many endeavours for the gods and his prayer to Osiris--preserved on a Year 4 stela at Abydos--that "thou shalt give me the great age with a long reign [as my predecessor]", the king did not live long enough to accomplish his ambitious goals.[3]

The most important document to survive from this pharaoh's rule is Papyrus Harris I, which honours the life of his father, Ramesses III, by listing the latter's many accomplishments and gifts to the temples of Egypt, and the Turin Papyrus, the earliest known geologic map.

After a short reign of 6 full years, Ramesses IV died and was buried in tomb KV2 in the Valley of the Kings. His mummy was found in the royal cache of Amenhotep II's tomb KV35 in 1898.[4] His chief wife was Queen Tentopet who was buried in QV74.


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