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Khepermare Ramesses X (also written Ramses and Rameses) Amonhirkhepeshef (ruled c. 1106 – 1102 BC) was the ninth ruler of the 20th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. It is uncertain if his reign was 3 or 4 Years, but there is now a strong consensus among Egyptologists that it did not last as long as 9 Years, as was previously assumed. His prenomen or throne name, Khepermare, means "The Justice of Re Abides."

Ramesses X is a poorly documented king. All that is really known about his kingship is that the general insecu

rity and wave of tomb robberies which had become prevalent under his predecessors continued to grow under his reign. His Year 1 and Year 2 is attested by Papyrus Turin 1932+1939 while his Third Year is documented in a diary kept by a Workmen of Deir el-Medina. (Wente & Van Siclen: p.261) The Diary speaks of the general idleness of the necropolis workmen due to the threat posed by Libyan marauders in the Valley of the Kings. It records that the Deir El-Medina workmen were 

absent from work in Year 3 IIIrd Month of Peret (ie: Winter) days 6,9,11,12,18,21 and 24 for fear of the "desert-dwellers" (ie: the Libyans or Meshwesh) who evidently roamed through Upper Egypt and Thebes at will. (CAH 1975: p.618) This is partly an echo of the massive Libyan influx into the Western Delta region of Lower Egypt during this time. Ramesses X is also the last New Kingdom king whose rule over Nubia is attested--from an inscription at Aniba. His KV18 tomb in the Valley of the Kings was unfinished and it is uncertain if he was buried here since no remains or fragments of funerary objects were discovered within it.

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