The Royal Domains of Egypt seem to be some sort of area, settlement or palace that people were given to oversee during their lifetime.

At least that is what research so far has led the admin to believe. Until further research is gathered we can't be too sure whether this is true or not. So please bare with us.

Known Royal Domains

  • Ḥr-sḫnti-ḏw. Watched over during the First Dynasty by a man called Amka and Sekhemkasedj. This place seems to have been the most important Royal Domain of the early First Dynasty, existing into the reign of Den though it is not mentioned during the reign of Merneith his mother.[1]
  • Ḥr-tpi-ẖt. Possible acted as a replacement for W3ḏ-Ḥr, established by Merneith.[1]
  • Tpi-t-w. Established by Merneith[1].
  • W3ḏ-Ḥr. Djet founded this Royal Domain. Though this domain was maintained under Merneith until the death of its Administrator Sekhemkasedj when it was replaced by a new domain, possibly Ḥr-tpi-ẖt by Merneith.[1]


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