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Preceded by:
Seankhptahi (?)
Pharaoh of Egypt
13th Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Senebmiu (?)
c. 1650 BC
rasxa Z1
Re causes His Appearance
Died c. 1650 BC
Burial Unknown

Sekhaenre (transliteration: s-ḫꜤ-m-rꜤ, meaning: "Re causes His Appearance") was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the Thirteenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period. He is merely known by his throne name and was probably identical to either …re, the penultimate ruler of the dynasty in the Turin King List, or Se…enre, the last ruler.[1]


Traces of his throne name are found at the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II at Deir el-Bahari. Indeed, three blocks bear his cartouche, one of these blocks is in the British Museum in London (EA 43130) and the other two are in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (JE 46197 and unknown number).[2]

A number of seals inscribed with "the Good God, Sekhaenre" are sometimes attributed to this king. However, the throne name is written slightly different and never appears inside a cartouche. It may therefore refer to a different ruler with the same throne name. Based on stylistic grounds of their seals, this Sekhaenre has been equated with Yakbim by William Ayres Ward.[3]

Chronological position[]

The exact chronological position of Sekhaenre is very uncertain. Kim Ryholt place him at the very end of the 13th Dynasty.[1] Jürgen von Beckerath also places him in this dynasty and equates him with Sekhaenre Yakbim,[4] a king who is more commonly seen as a separate ruler of the 14th Dynasty.[1][5] Julien Siesse places Sekhaenre in the 16th Dynasty, without an exact position.[6]


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Seankhptahi (?)
Pharaoh of Egypt
13th Dynasty
Senebmiu (?)