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"One of Set"
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Seti IRamesses II
Titles King's Son
First Officer of His Majesty
Father Ramesses II
Burial KV5
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Seti (ancient Egyptian: stḫy, "One of Set") was an ancient Egyptian Prince of the Nineteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Seti was a son of Pharaoh Ramesses II and the ninth son in the procession of princes.[1] The identity of his mother remains unknown, though it has been speculated that it may have been Queen Isetnofret I. However, this remains highly uncertain.[2] He was probably born during the latter years of his grandfather Seti I's reign, after whom he was undoubtedly named.


Seti was present during the triumph after the Battle of Kadesh in Year 5 and during the Siege of Dapur in Year 10. He was probably identical to the Seti mentioned on an ostracon which is now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.[3]


Seti predeceased his father sometime before Year 53, since an inspection on his burial took place in that year.[citation needed] This is in accordance with the fact that Seti must have predeceased his (half-)brother Khaemwaset before the latter's death in Year 55, because Merneptah (who is ranked lower than Seti in procession) became Crown Prince that year.[4] Seti was buried in KV5, a large rock-cut tomb in the Valley of the Kings built for the sons of Ramesses II. Two of his canopic jars were found in the tomb. On his funerary equipment his name is spelled Sutiy.[citation needed]

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