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"One of Set"
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) AkhenatenHoremheb
Titles Vizier
Commander of the Troops
Issue Ramesses I
Burial Unknown

Seti was an ancient Egyptian military official during the late Eighteenth Dynasty (14th century BCE), a troop commander, later mentioned as Vizier on monuments of his son, Pharaoh Ramesses I.[1]

Origins and Family[]

Seti, the forefather of the 19th Dynasty, was from a noble military family from the Eastern Nile Delta region, possibly near the former Hyksos capital Avaris. According to one theory he is identical with a royal envoy mentioned in the Amarna letters as Shuta.[1] His brother Khaemwaset is probably identical with the Royal Fanbearer and Chief of the Bowmen of Kush, Khaemwaset, who is mentioned on a statue dating to Tutankhamun's reign.[2] So Seti was the member of a very prominent family, and after his son Paramessu (later Ramesses I) was chosen by Pharaoh Horemheb as his successor, Seti's descendants went on to form one of the most powerful dynasties of Egypt.


The whereabouts of Seti's tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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