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Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (Arabic: شيخ عبدالقرنة‎) is a necropolis on the West Bank at Thebes in Upper Egypt. It is part of the archaeological area of Deir el-Bahari, and named after the doomed tomb of the local saint. This is the most frequently visited cemetery on the Theban west bank, with the largest concentration of private tombs. The necropolis is considered part of the greater Theban Necropolis.

Modern housing situated in front of the necropolis forms part of the municipal lands of the village Qurna. The main Qurna village itself is situated about a kilometer more north-east.

List of tombs[]

Here follows a list of tombs discovered at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna.


Designation Owner Title Period
TT21 User Royal Scribe and Steward of Thutmose I[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose I
TT22 Wah (usurped by Meryamun) Royal Butler (King's Eldest Son)[1] 18th Dynasty
TT23 Tjay-To Royal Scribe of Dispatches[1] 19th Dynasty, Merenptah
TT24 Nebamun Steward of the King's Wife Nebetu[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT29 Amenemopet-Pairy Vizier, Nomarch and Mayor of Thebes[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT30 Unknown, usurped by Khonsumose Amun treasury official 19th Dynasty, Ramesses III
TT31 Khonsu High Priest of Thutmose III[1] Early 20th Dynasty
TT38 Djoserkareseneb Scribe, Counter of Grain in the Granary of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT41 Amenemopet-Ipy Chief Steward of Amun in Thebes[1] 19th Dynasty
TT42 Amenmose Commander of the Troops, Eye of the King in Retjenu[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT43 Neferrenpet King's Kitchen-master[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep I
TT44 Amenemheb Wab Priest of Amun[1] 20th Dynasty
TT45 Djehuty Steward of the High Priest of Amun Mery, Chief Weaver in the Estate of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT46 Ramose Steward of the Estate of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep IIIAkhenaten
TT50 Neferhotep God's Father of Amun-Re[1] 18th Dynasty, Horemheb
TT51 Userhat-Neferhabef High Priest of Thutmose I[1] Early 19th Dynasty
TT52 Nakhte Scribe, Astronomer of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT53 Amenemhat Agent of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT54 Huy / Kenro Sculptor of Amun / Priest of Khonsu[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IVAmenhotep III
TT55 Ramose Vizier, Nomarch, Mayor of Thebes[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep IIIAkhenaten
TT56 Userhat Royal Scribe, Child of the Nursery[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT57 Khaemhat Royal Scribe, Overseer of Royal Granary[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT58 Unknown[1] (usurped by Amenhotep and Amenemonet) Overseer of the Priests of Amun and Royal Scribe in the temple of Ramesses II (respectively) 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III (usurped 19th or 20th Dynasty)
TT59 Qen High Priest of Mut[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT60 Intef-Iqer Vizier[1] 12th Dynasty, Senusret I
TT61 Useramun Vizier, Nomarch and Mayor of Thebes[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT62 Amenemweskhet Overseer of the Cabinet[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT63 Sobekhotep Overseer of the Seal[2] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT64 Hekerneheh Nurse of the Royal Son[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT65 Emseba / Nebamun Chief of the Altar / Scribe of the Royal Accounts[1] 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT66 Hepu Vizier[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT67 Hapuseneb High Priest of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT68 Meryptah, Paenkhemenu, Nespaneferhor and Hor High Priest of Amun[1] 18th, 20th and 21st Dynasty
TT69 Menna Scribe of the King's Fields[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT70 Amenmose Overseer of Artificers of Amun[1]
TT71 Senmut (unused) Chief Steward, Steward of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT72 Ra High Priest of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT73 Amenhotep Chief Steward[3] 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT74 Tjanuny Royal Scribe, Commander of the Troops[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT75 Amenhotep-Saiset Second Prophet of Amun[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT76 Tjenuna Fanbearer on the King's Right Hand[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT77 Ptahemhat or Iry King's Standardbearer[4] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT78 Horemheb Superintendent of the Sacred Cattle, Overseer of the Archery[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep III
TT79 Menkheperreseneb Scribe of the King's Granaries[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II
TT80 Tutnefer Overseer of the Treasury[5] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT81 Ineni Architect of Thutmose I[5] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep IThutmose III
TT82 Amenemhat Counter of Grain[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT83 Aametju-Ahmose Vizier 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT84 Amunedjeh or Mery Chief Royal Herald, Steward of the Palace[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT85 Amenemheb-Mahu Royal Scribe[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II
TT86 Menkheperreseneb I High Priest of Amun[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT87 Nakhtmin Overseer of the Granary[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT88 Pehsukher-Tjenenu Royal Scribe, King's Standardbearer[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II
TT89[6] Amenmose Steward in the Southern City 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT90 Nebamun Chief of the Police on the West of Thebes, Standardbearer of the Royal Barque[3] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IVAmenhotep III
TT91 Mery
TT92 Suemnut King's Cupbearer[3] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT93 Qenamun Chief Steward[3] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT94 Amy-Ramose King's Chief Herald, Fanbearer on the King's Right Hand[3] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT95 Mery High Priest of Amun[3] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT96 Sennefer Mayor of Thebes[5] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT97 Amenemhat High Priest of Amun[3] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT98 Kaemheribsen Third Prophet of Amun[3] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II
TT99 Sennefer[7] Overseer of the Sealbearers 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT100 Rekhmire Vizier[5] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II


Designation Owner Title Period
TT101 Tjanuro King's Cupbearer 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT102 Imhotep Royal Scribe, Child of the Nursery 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT103 Dagi Mayor and Vizier 11th Dynasty
TT104 Tutnefer Overseer of the Treasury 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT105 Khaemopet Priest of the Noble Standard of Amun 19th Dynasty
TT106 Paser Vizier, High Priest of Amun 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT107 Nefersekheru Royal Scribe at the Malkata Palace 18th Dynasty
TT108 Nebseni High Priest of Onuris 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT109 Min Mayor of Thinis, Overseer of the Priests of Onuris, Tutor of Amenhotep II 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT110 Thutmose King's Cupbearer, King's Herald 18th Dynasty, HatshepsutThutmose III
TT111 Amenwahsu Scribe of God's Writings in the Domain of Amun, Leader in the House of Amun, Wab Priest of Sekhmet, Festival Leader of All the Gods in their Annual Feasts 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT112 Menkheperreseneb II (usurped by Aashefytemwaset) High Priest of Amun (Priest of Amun) 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III (usurped during the 20th Dynasty)
TT113 Kynebu Priest of Thutmose IV 20th Dynasty, Ramesses VIII
TT114 Unknown Chief Goldsmith in the Domain of Amun 20th Dynasty
TT115 Unknown 20th Dynasty
TT116 Unknown 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IVAmenhotep III (?)
TT117 Usurped by Djemutiuefankh Draughtsman at the House of Gold Originally 11th Dynasty; usurped during the 21st or 22nd Dynasty
TT118 Amenmose Fanbearer on the King's Right Hand 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III (?)
TT119 Unknown 18th Dynasty, HatshepsutThutmose III
TT120 Anen Chancellor, God's Father, Second Prophet of Amun, Brother of Queen Tiye 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT121 Ahmose First Lector Priest of Amun 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT122 Amenemhat Overseer of the Production Area of Amun 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT123 Amenemhat Overseer of the Granary, Counter of Bread 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT124 Ray Overseer of the King's Storerooms, Steward of Thutmose I 18th Dynasty, Thutmose I
TT125 Duauneheh First Herald, Steward of the Estate of Amun 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT126 Hormose Commander of the Troops of the Domain of Amun Late Period
TT127 Sememiah Royal Scribe, Overseer of All that Grows 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT128 Pathenfy Mayor of Apollonopolis Magna and Thebes 26th Dynasty
TT129 Unknown 18th Dynasty
TT130 May Harbour Master in Thebes 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT131 Useramun Vizier 18th Dynasty, HatshepsutThutmose III
TT132 Ramose Overseer of the Treasury, Royal Scribe 25th Dynasty, Taharqa
TT133 Neferrenpet Overseer of the Weavers at the Ramesseum 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT134 Tjawenany Priest of Amenhotep I who navigates on the sea of Amun 19th Dynasty
TT135 Bakenamun Wab Priest at the fore of Amun 19th Dynasty
TT136 Unknown Royal Scribe of the Lord of the Two Lands 19th Dynasty
TT137 Mose King's Overseer of the Works in every monument of Amun 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT138 Nedjemger Overseer of the Gardens at the Ramesseum 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT139 Pairy Wab Priest in front of Amun, Overseer of the Peasants of Amun 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT170 Nebmehyt Scribe of the Recruits in the estate of Amun of the Ramesseum[3] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT171 Unknown 18th Dynasty


Designation Owner Title Period
TT224 Ahmose-Humay Overseer of the Estate of the God's Wife, Overseer of the Double Granaries of the God's Wife Ahmose-Nefertari 18th Dynasty, HatshepsutThutmose III
TT225 Unknown (possibly Amenemhat) High Priest of Hathor 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT226 Heqareshu Royal Scribe, Overseer of the King's Nurses 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT227 Unknown 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT228 Amenmose Scribe of the Treasury of Amun 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT229 Unknown 18th Dynasty
TT230 Men Scribe of the King's Troops 18th Dynasty
TT249 Neferrenpet[4] Supplier of dates/cakesin to the temple of Amenhotep III 18th Dynasty
TT251 Amenmose Royal Scribe, Overseer of the Cattle of Amun, Overseer of the Magazine of Amun 18th Dynasty
TT252 Senimen Steward, Nurse of the God's Wife 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT259 Hori Scribe in all the monuments of the estate of Amun, Head of the outline-draughtsmen in the Gold House of the Amun domain 20th Dynasty
TT263 Piay Scribe in the Granary in the domain of Amun, Scribe of Accounts in the Ramesseum 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT269 Unknown 20th Dynasty
TT280 Intef or Meketre Chief Steward, Chancellor Early Middle Kingdom
TT281 Mentuhotep III (?) Pharaoh 11th Dynasty


Designation Owner Title Period
TT309 Unknown 20th Dynasty
TT317 Tutnefer Scribe of the Counting of Corn in the Granary of the Divine Offerings of Amun 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III (?)
TT318 Amenmose Necropolis-worker of Amun 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIHatshepsut
TT324 Hatiay Overseer of All the Priests of All the Gods, High Priest of Sobek 20th Dynasty[8]
TT331 Penne-Sunero High Priest of Montu 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT341 Nakhtamun Chief of the Altar in the Ramesseum[1] 19th Dynasty
TT342 Thutmose First Royal Herald[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT343 Paheqamun-Benia Child of the Nursery, Overseer of the Works[1][9] Early 18th Dynasty
TT345 Amenhotep King's Eldest Son of Thutmose I, Priest[10] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose I
TT346 Penre (usurped by Amenhotep) Chief of the Medjay[10] (Overseer of the Chantresses of the Inner Palace Quarters for the Divine Adoratrice 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II (20th Dynasty, Ramesses IV)
TT347 Hori Scribe[10] 20th Dynasty
TT348 Na'amutnakhte Door-opener of the Gold House of Amun,[10] Chief Gardener of the Ramesseum 22nd Dynasty
TT349 Tjay Overseer of the Fowlpens[10] 18th Dynasty
TT350 Unknown Scribe[10] 18th Dynasty
TT351 Abau Scribe of the Cavalry[10] 20th Dynasty
TT352 Unknown Overseer of the Granary of Amun[10] 20th Dynasty
TT367 Paser Head of the Bowmen, Child of the Nursery, Sole Companion of His Majesty[10] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT368 Amenhotep-Huy Overseer of the Sculptors of Amun in Thebes[10] Late 18th Dynasty
TT384 Nebmehyt Priest of Amun in the Ramesseum[10] 19th Dynasty
TT385 Hunefer Mayor of Thebes, Overseer of the Granary of Divine Offerings of Amun[10] 20th Dynasty
TT397 Nakhte Priest of Amun, Overseer of the Magazine of Amun, First King's Son of Amun[10] 18th Dynasty
TT398 Kamose-Nentowaref Child of the Nursery[10] Probably 18th Dynasty
TT399[11] Unknown[10] 20th Dynasty
TT399A[11] Penrennu[10] 20th Dynasty
TT400 Unknown[10]
TT403 Merymaat Temple Scribe[10] New Kingdom

Other designation[]

Designation Owner Title Period
Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache 12 18th Dynasty Princesses[12] King's Daughters 21st Dynasty (re-burial)
? 17B and 17C[13] King's Wife and their child 17th Dynasty
? Hormose Singer 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
Tomb of Ramose and Hatnofret Ramose and Hatnofret Parents of Senmut 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
C1 Amenhotep Overseer of the Carpenters of Amun 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
C2 Amenemhat Noble at the head of the People 18th Dynasty, Ahmose IAmenhotep I
C3 Amenhotep[14]
C4 Merymaat Wab Priest of Ma'at Late 18th Dynasty
C5 Unknown Late 18th Dynasty (?)
C6 Ipy Overseer of the Boats in the Temple of Thutmose IV 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
C7 Hormose Head Guard of the Treasury in the Ramesseum 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
C8 Nakhte[15] Overseer of the Fowlhouses in the Estate of Amun
C9 Unknown
C10 Penrenenu Scribe of the Offering Altar 18th Dynasty
C11 Nebseni Overseer of the Goldsmiths of Amun, Overseer of All Works Silver and Gold 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
C12 Mahu Overseer of the Gate
C14 Ankhefentjut-Neferibreseneb 26th Dynasty
C15 Unknown Overseer of the Two Houses of Gold, Overseer of the Two Houses of Silver 18th Dynasty
MMA 808 Sobeknakhte 11th18th Dynasty
MMA 1019 Ahmose-Tumerisy King's Daughter Late 17th / Early 18th Dynasty

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