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Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache
Location Sheikh Abd el-Qurna,
Theban Necropolis
Discovery 1857
Excavation Alexander Henry Rhind
Status Closed to the public
Dynasty 21st Dynasty
Occupants 12 princesses
Type Rock-cut tomb
Layout Single chamber
Decoration Undecorated

The Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache is a rock-cut tomb located at the foothills of the necropolis Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, near TT131. It was discovered in 1857 by Alexander Henry Rhind.[1] It had been sealed with a wall carrying the seal of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The tomb contained bones, bandages and several disturbed mummies. It also contained several wooden labels with inscriptions mentioning twelve princesses.

The label for Princess Nebetia has an inscription mentioning Year 27. This is thought to refer to Year 27 of Psusennes I of the Twenty-first Dynasty during which the princesses may have been reburied.[2]


Here follows a list of all the occupants of the tomb:

Name Title(s) Comments
Nebetia King's Daughter (= King's Granddaughter) One label; refers to her as a daughter of Prince Siatum.[2]
Tiaa King's Daughter of Menkheperure (Thutmose IV) of the House of the Royal Children One label; refers to her as daughter of Thutmose IV.[2]
Tatau or Tawy King's Daughter of the House of the Royal Children One label; the ending of her name is damaged, but might have contained the mentioning of her father instead.[2]
Pyihia King's Daughter of Menkheperure (Thutmose IV) Two labels; both refer to her as daughter of Thutmose IV.[2]
Pypuy(-Tasherit) King's Daughter Three labels; one mentions her mother Iuy.[2]
Henutiunu King's Daughter Two identical labels.[2]
Meritptah King's Daughter One label.[2]
Sithori King's Daughter One label.[2]
Neferuamen King's Daughter One label.[2]
Wiay King's Daughter One label.[2]
Nisutkhaet King's Daughter One label, now lost.[2]
Amenemopet King's Daughter One label, now lost. Probably a daughter of Thutmose IV.[2]


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