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Sinai way of horus map

Map of the Way of Horus sites during the New Kingdom. The Sirbonis lagoon (Lake Bardawil) can be seen on the top of the map.

Sirbonis Lacus (Greek: Σιρβωνίδος λίμνη, romanized: Sirbōnidos limnē, modern: Sabkhat al Bardawil) was an ancient Egyptian lagoon famous for its marshland, the Serbonian Bog. The lagoon also contained the fortified Mediterranean port Ostrakine.

Serbonian Bog[]

As described by Herodotus, Strabo and other ancient geographers and historians, the Serbonian Bog was a mix of genuine sand bars, quicksand, asphalt, and pits covered with shingle, with a channel running through it to the lake. This gave the wetlands the deceptive appearance of being a lake surrounded by mostly solid land.

According to Diodorus Siculus, most of the Persian army of Darius II was lost there during his attempt to restore Egypt to Achaemenid rule.

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