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Preceded by:
High Priest of Amun
21st Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Pinedjem II
Smendes II
Ancient Egyptian: Nesbanebdjedet
Reign 998–995 BC (3 years)
He of Banebdjedet
Titles High Priest of Amun
Second Prophet of Amun
Chief Steward of Amun
Father Menkheperre
Mother Isetemakhbit
Spouse(s) Henuttawy, Takhentdjehuty
Issue Neskhonsu, Isetemakhbit
Died 995 BC
Burial Unknown
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Smendes II, Hellenized version of Nesbanebdjedet (ancient Egyptian: ns-bꜣ-nb-ḏd.t, "He of Banebdjedet") was the sixth High Priest of Amun of the Twenty-first Dynasty during the Third Intermediate Period.


Smendes was a son of the High Priest of Amun Menkheperre and Isetemakhbit, who was the daughter of Pharaoh Psusennes.[1] Smendes was married to his sister Henuttawy, with whom he had a daughter, Isetemakhbit. He had another wife called Takhentdjehuty, who bore him another daughter, Neskhonsu, who would be the wife of his brother and successor as High Priest, Pinedjem II.[1]


While the office of High Priest of Amun was still held by his father Menkheperre, Smendes functioned one rank below as Second Prophet of Amun and is also attested as Chief Steward of Amun on a slab from Karnak.[2]

Smendes' pontificate as High Priest was short and left few traces, missing, for instance from the annals of Egyptian historian Manetho. He is mentioned on an inscription in Karnak, on mummy bandages and on a few bracelets found on the mummy of Psusennes I. Two extra objects bears the name of a High Priest of Amun Smendes but it is not possible to determine if these refers to Smendes II or the later Smendes III: these are a scribe's palette now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (47.123a–g),[3] and a bronze kneeling statuette exhibited at the Musée royal de Mariemont (ref. B242).[4]


The whereabouts of Smendes' tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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High Priest of Amun
21st Dynasty
Pinedjem II