Sobek, God of Nile products and Fertility, Patron of the Army and Military

Sobek with crocodile head

was the Egyptian god of crocodiles. Sobek has a crocidile head. He held an ankh in one hand and a was staff in the other. He was the son of Set and Neith. His name means "Watching Over You." He was the god who created the Nile, the source of life in Egypt. He is shown as a man with the head of a crocodile, or sometimes just a crocodile. He wears a plumed headdress on his head. Egyptians who worked or travelled on the Nile River would often pray to him for protection against crocodiles. Sobek was given particular prominence in the twelfth and thirteenth dynasties (1991 BC - 1650 BC). The main cities that worshipped Sobek were the ones near the Nile where crodiles were common.
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