Sobekhotep III
Name of the king found on a block from Madamud
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Praenomen Sekhemresewdjtawy
Nomen Sobekhotep
Golden Horus
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Sobekhotep III (throne name: Sekhemresewdjtawy) was an Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty.

Sobekhotep III is known from a high number of objects, although he reigned only for three years. He added inscriptions to the temple of Menthu at Madamud[1] and built a chapel at El-Kab [2] . On Sehel[3] was found an altar with his name.

The family of the king is very well known. His father was a certain Mentuhotep. His mother was called Jewetibaw. The king had two wifes, one with the name Senebhenas and the other with the name Neni. From Neni he had two daughters Jewetibaw and Dedtanuq. Jewetibaw wrote her name in a cartouche. This is a second time in Egyptian history that a king's daughter received this honor.

There are known many scarab seals from a officier of the ruler's table Sobekhotep begotten of the officier of the ruler's table Mentuhotep.[4] It is possible that they belong to Sobekhotep III before he became king.

With Sobekhotep III started the core group of Thirteenth Dynasty kings. The following kings are all known from a high number of objects. These kings produced many seals and there are many private monuments datable to these reigns. Egypt was at this point again relatively stable.


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Preceded by:
Antef V
Pharaoh of Egypt
Thirteenth Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Neferhotep I
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