Ancient Egypt Wiki
Nome of Egypt
"Land of the Bow"
Region Upper Egypt
Capital Elephantine
Other sites Syene, Qubbet el-Hawa, Ombos,
Philae, Gebel el-Silsila, Sehel Island,
Bigeh Island, Shellal
Main deities Khnum

Ta-Seti ("Land of the Bow") was the first nome of Upper Egypt. Ta-Seti marked the border area towards Lower Nubia, and the name was also used to refer to Nubia itself. The capital city of Ta-Seti was Elephantine.

The nome stretched about 112 km in length from the First Cataract in the south to just below Edfu in the north.

Throughout most of the ancient Egyptian history, the island group (including Philae) just south of the First Cataract fell under the administration of Ta-Seti.


The following nomarchs of Ta-Seti are known:

Twelfth Dynasty[]

  • Sarenput I
  • Sarenput II
  • Heqaib III
  • Ameniseneb