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Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses IIIRamesses IX
Titles King's Mother
Spouse(s) Mentuherkhepeshef
Issue Ramesses IX
Burial KV10
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Takhat (ancient Egyptian: tꜣḫꜥt) was an ancient Egyptian noble lady of the Twentieth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Takhat was the wife of Prince Mentuherkhepeshef, a son of Pharaoh Ramesses III.[1] She was the mother of Ramesses IX.


Takhat is likely to have been buried in Amenmesses' KV10 rock-cut tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The principal wife of her son named Baketwerenru was also interred here at the same time. A badly preserved skull and part of a mandible were found near the back of the tomb and very likely belonged to Takhat. Her sarcophagus lid and canopic jars originally belonged to an otherwise unknown Princess-Queen Anuketemheb,[2] who might be identical with a daughter of Ramesses II, a princess once named in the Luxor temple but from whose name only […]emheb remains.[3]

Takhat and Baketwerenru were once thought to have been the mother and queen (respectively) of Amenmesses, but it has been proven since then that their decorations replaced those of Amenmesses in the tomb, so they must have lived later.[4] Furthermore, in Seti II's erasure and usurpation of Amenmesses, he would not have spared the latter's mother and queen whose titles refered to Amenmesses as king and god.[5] The confusion seems to have stemmed from the fact that Amenmesses' mother was also named Takhat; the evidence thus suggests an "extremely odd situation" of a king whose mother had the same name as a later usurper of his tomb.[6]


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