Ancient Egypt Wiki
Location Damietta
Coordinates 31°25′00″N 31°49′17″E
Region Lower Egypt
Nome Djehuty

Tamiathis (modern: Damietta) is an Ancient Egyptian town in Lower Egypt, located on the east bank of the Nile's Damietta branch in the eastern Nile Delta. It was governed under Djehuty, the fifteenth nome of Lower Egypt.[1]


The name of the town comes from its Coptic name Tamiati (ⲧⲁⲙⲓⲁϯ) which in turn most likely comes from Ancient Egyptian: dmỉ.t ("harbour, port"), although its name may have been derived from the ancient Egyptian word Damt ("ability"), since Tamiathis had the ability to combine the salt water of the Mediterranean Sea and the fresh water of the Nile in one place. Other historians note that the city was called "Tam Heet" which means the city of the water or the city of the running water.[2] Alternatively, the medieval Egyptian Arab historian al-Maqrizin suggested a Syriac etymology.[3]


Tamiathis has long shores overlooking the Damietta branch of the Nile river and the Mediterranean Sea.[2] It was called Tamiathis (Ancient Greek: Ταμίαθις) in the Hellenistic Period.[4]


Tamiathis was first mentioned by the 6th-century geographer Stephanus Byzantius.[5] Little is known about the town's ancient history, but given its location as a port town it must at some time have been a place of much economic activity.


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