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"Tiye, Beloved of Iset"

Slab with relief of queen Tiye-Mereniset and her cartouche from Abydos, now in the Cairo Museum (JE 36339).©

Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) MerenptahSetnakhte
Titles King's Great Wife
King's Mother
Father Merenptah (?)
Spouse(s) Setnakhte
Issue Ramesses III, Tyti (?)
Burial Unknown
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Tiye-Mereniset or Tiy-Merenese[1] (ancient Egyptian: tỉy-mr-n-st, "Tiye, Beloved of Iset") was an ancient Egyptian Queen of the Twentieth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Tiye-Mereniset is the only known wife of Pharaoh Setnakhte. She is attested as "King's Mother" on a stela from Abydos (JE 20395) which shows a priest named Meresyotef adoring Setnakhte and Tiye-Mereniset with their son Ramesses III making offerings. Tiye-Mereniset also appears on blocks found in Abydos which were reused in other buildings.[2][3] Her husband's daughter, Tyti, might have been hers since no other wives of Setnakhte are known.

She is speculated to perhaps be a daughter of Pharaoh Merenptah, due to both their names containing the Meren[..] part and Merenptah's mother, queen and a probable daughter also have names dedicated to Isis. If this were the case, Tiye-Mereniset's marriage to Setnakhte would explain the latter's rise to kingship as Merenptah's son-in-law.


The whereabouts of Tiye-Mereniset's tomb and mummy remain unknown. A mummy known as Unknown Woman D, found in a cache of royal mummies in KV35 in the Valley of the Kings, might be hers. However, Tausret has also been proposed as the mummy's identity.


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