Umm el-Qa'ab Tomb B10
Geographical Data
Location Umm el-Qa'ab
Excavation Information
Discovery Date
Cultural Information
Occupants Aha


Dynasty First Dynasty
Type Mastaba

Tomb B10 is the burial place of Hor-Aha.

The king reverts to early burial customs, not joining his room like Narmer had. His mortuary complex comprises three chambers (B10, B15 and B19). B10 was built first as it is at a slightly different alignment. Two small pits (B13 an 14) also formed part of his burial complex with B14 being attributed to Benerib as well as 34 other subsidiary burials (B16) in rows or blocks adjacent to the tomb. B13 and 14 possibly form part of the earlier stage of the mortuary complex, modeled on Narmer's. The northern one is smaller than southern, containing two post holes. No separate funerary enclosure has been found for him, which seems to appear from Djer onwards[1].


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