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Umm el-Qa'ab Tomb B17
Narmer Tomb
Location Umm el-Qa'ab
Dynasty First Dynasty
Occupants Narmer (?)
Type Mastaba

Tomb B17/18 is located in Umm el-Qa'ab, the necropolis of Abydos and is believed to be the burial place of Narmer. The tomb itself comprises of two combined chambers in one large pit. The two seems rather insignificant as a monument for such a prominent king and his actual tombs may still yet be discovered.[1]

A fragment of ivory from his tomb shows an Asiatic bearded man in a stooping posture, wearing a pendulous head-dress and long dappled robe, possibly showing homage to the king. Another ivory fragment depicts a servant carrying on his head a distinctive Palestinian ledge and loop handed vessel.[1]


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