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Unknown Man
Unknown Man Bolton

The Unknown Man in the reused coffin on display at the Bolton Museum.

Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses II (?)
Titles King's Son (?)
Father Ramesses II (?)
Died Mid to late 13th century BC
(aged c. 35)
Burial Unknown

Unknown Man is the informal name given to an ancient Egyptian mummy housed at the Bolton Museum in England since the late 1920s or early 30s.

Identity and Family[]

Originally thought to have been a female temple dancer, CT-scans have confirmed that the occupant of this female's coffin was actually a male who appears to share features with the Egyptian royal family of the 19th Dynasty. Through craniofacial measurements he is shown to likely be one of the numerous sons of Ramesses II.[1] His facial measurements were found to be almost identical to those of Ramesses II, with the few anomalies actually further supporting this familial relationship as they seemingly match closely with Seti I, Ramesses' father.

Since the alleged prince was not discovered in his original coffin, the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the coffin cannot be used to identify him. He may be identical to one of over fifty sons of Ramesses II attested by name, or an additional son whose name has been lost.


Estimates suggest that he died in his thirties (presumably between 1253 and 1213 BC) of a wasting disease, perhaps a cancer. Chemical analysis showed that the body had been embalmed using the most expensive materials, including pistachio resin and thyme. This reveals that the individual was of the highest social ranking in the country. Tests showed that the mummy had a pronounced over-bite and misaligned eyes, similar to other members of the 19th Dynasty.[2]

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