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Unknown Man C
Unknown Man C

Mummy of Unknown Man C (Smith 1912).

Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Unknown
Titles Unknown
Burial TT320 (re-burial)

Unknown Man C is the informal name given to a mummy discovered within the royal cache at Deir el-Bahari.

The mummy has the inventory number CG61067 and is currently held at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Description of the mummy[]

Unknown Man C was the body of a man with black hair streaked with grey. He had well-worn teeth, an indication that he was advanced in years when he died.[1] Smith observed that there were "small perforations" in Unknown Man C's ear-lobes, indicating that his ears had been pierced. Unknown Man C was described by Smith as "tall and vigorous", measuring 174 cm in height.[1]


Unknown Man C Head

Mummyhead of Unknown Man C (Smith 1912).

Unknown Man C has tentatively not been identified, but is generally believed to be a non-royal who lived under the Eighteenth Dynastic rule. Some scholars have proposed an identification with the Chief Steward Senmut, who was also the tutor of princess Neferure, while others have proposed an identification with Sennefer, mayor of Thebes during the reign of Amenhotep II. However, Unknown Man C may just as well be someone else.


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