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Unknown Woman D
Tausret or Tiye-Mereniset
Unknown Woman D

Mummyhead of Unknown Woman D (Smith 1912).

Dynasty 19th and/or 20th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) MerneptahSetnakhte (?)
Titles Unknown
Burial KV35 (re-burial)

Unknown Woman D is the informal name given to a mummy discovered within the KV35 rock-cut tomb of Amenhotep II in the Valley of the Kings by archaeologist Victor Loret in 1898.[1] The mummy was found in chamber Jb.

Description of the mummy[]

Unknown Woman D was the body of a frail, emaciated woman who had probably been elderly at the time of her death. Smith reported that the wrappings had been very carelessly applied by the embalmers who had not even bothered to individually wrap the fingers and toes.[2]


Unknown Woman D has been identified by some scholars as possibly belonging to Tausret, but the only evidence in favor of this identification is the late Nineteenth Dynasty style of mummification and the close proximity to Seti II and Siptah's mummies in KV35.[3]

Alternatively, Tiye-Mereniset, the principal wife of Pharaoh Setnakhte, has also been proposed as the identity of the Unknown Woman D mummy.


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