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The Land of Upe or Upi (transliteration: wpỉ) was a region in the Upper Levant that was inhabited by various, primarily Semitic-speaking, peoples (often grouped under the term Canaanites). Upe was centred around the city Damascus and located to the south-west of the Beqaa Valley of modern Libanon.


During the Late Bronze Age (1550–1200 BC), Upe formed a vassal state paying tribute to the New Kingdom of Egypt.

After the Amarna Period, the Upe region fell into the hands of the Hittites. However, Seti I and Ramesses II led campaigns into the region to reconquer it. The Egyptian–Hittite Peace Treaty between Hattusili III and Ramesses II resulted in the former handing over control of the Upe region to Ramesses II in 1259 BC.[1]

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